I offer professional English-Russian, German-Russian translations. I follow all deadlines and other requirements of my customers. High quality is guaranteed. 

Prices start from 500 rubles/250 words and depend on complexity of the text, your file type, the deadline, etc.

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Consecutive interpreting 

In case of consecutive interpretation a speaker pronounces one or several sentences and makes a pause for translation.  


Such interpretation is frequently used for negotiations, round tables, seminars and workshops, installation and commissioning of equipment. 

Price: from 1000 rubles/hour or 8000 rubles/day.

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Simultaneous interpreting 


For simultaneous or conference interpretation special equipment is required. Normally 2 (sometimes 3) interpreters work in one booth; however, if an event is shorter than 4 hours, an interpreter can work alone. Conference interpretation requires much experience, expertise and high concentration skills. 

My experience in conference interpretation exceeds 10 years. I work together with experienced colleagues.

Price: from 4000 rubles/hour for a pair if interpreters.

From 32000 rubles/day for a pair of interpreters.

This price does not include the interpreting equipment.  

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